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Ebner's Custom  Meats

Good to the Bone
Located in Canby, Oregon, Ebner's Custom Meats puts love and tradition behind every cut of meat.  From flavored sausages to specialty jerky, our family recipes and all natural locally grown meats will have you coming back for seconds.


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IM BACK where I belong in Canby among my friends

and neighbors.  Grant Street is a welcomed sight

along with the comfort of the area and community. 

This time I have enlisted some Blue Ribbon support

from Patty, a purple cow, Hamlet a yellow pig, and

Scruff a greengoat.  Together we are going to put some

real color and sizzle into this operation by offering

locally grown, natural products.  This includes beef,

pork, poultry, goat, and lamb. We will offer the highest

quality of product available each and every day.


I have had the honor and privilege to have grown up in the meat industry and have seen what  it takes to build a successful business.  My grandfather purchased Mt. Angel Meat Company in 1940, my great uncle began to work for him after coming back from World War II, and my father then continued on.  This grew into a very successful and profitable business in which I was fortunate enough to work and learn every aspect of the

industry. These experiences in this family run business have instilled in me some great qualities that were extremely important to our daily operation.  These qualities are what I now am capable of bringing to your table as my wife Amy, daughters Haley, Hannah, Heather and I are beginning our journey at Ebner's Custom Meats.

Hope to see you soon!
Mike Ebner

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